About our branding options

Our branding options use premium materials and high quality printing.
If you are unable to provide the artwork, our in-house graphic designer can gladly assist you with your creation.  Simply provide us a briefing and we’ll get creative!

Our Custom vinyl wraps

Apply your logo, slogan, graphics, or even a complete vinyl wrap from top to bottom on our photo booths. Different options are available and custom shapes can also be created for our clients.

We take care of the printing and application on the photo booth.

Branded booth
Custom Photo Frame

Custom prints

Your prints your way. We allow you to completely customize the template of your prints.

The design is automatically added to all photos before they instantly print out. You can also choose the exact placement of the photo or photos on the template. Think of it as a blank canvas ready for your creation.

Our Branded backdrops

A custom printed backdrop your pictures that extra touch of awesomeness. It enhances the overall photo experience to fit with your event, brand, or marketing campaign. Not only does it look more professional, but it also delivers a more gorgeous end result compared to photos on a regular backdrop.

Looking for something more classy? Check out our red carpet service.

Learn more about our Red Carpet
Custom Backdrop

Custom interactions

Customize the interaction with added bells and whistles.

Integrate custom touch screens, video countdowns, and more. Stimulate even more senses with integrated audio files, sound effects, music, or even wind blowers. These features allow you to create an enhanced photo experience for your event.

Our branded slideshow

This kiosk combines the best of both worlds by displaying a live slideshow of the photos and allowing people to be share them on social media. Custom branding can be added to enhance its overall look and to make you stand out at the event.

ipad tv
ipad stand

Our Branded sharing stations

Add your branding to our sharing stations with custom printed stretch fabric cover. The graphics are printed on a high quality spandex material that is form fitting.

Custom SMS messaging

Send photos by text message using customized written content. Communicate key messages or even direct traffic to a website, social media page, or contest. The choice is yours!


Whether people send their pictures to their phone or upload to social media they’re getting branded and trackable content.


Increase your online visibility and control the posts embedded with your brand. Put the gift of your choice up for grabs and let your users do the rest.


Custom email template

Integrate a custom template when photos are sent by email. Add your branding, key messages, images, graphics, and even your contact information with direct links to a website, contest page, and social media page.

Custom printed signs

Custom signs make pictures more fun, all while keeping them professional and aligned with your brand. It’s also a great opportunity to promote key messages for consumers to share with thousands of their friends online.


Custom props

While we recommend using a limited number of props, hand-selected props from our selection can be used based on specific colors and/or a specific event theme. Custom props can be sourced and even crafted from scratch to create the ultimate photo experience to fit your brand or marketing campaign.

Our team is composed of


Our onsite event staff is experienced at interacting with consumers and will treat your brand as our own. We act as ambassadors for your brand and you can choose how we dress for the event. A branded polo or t-shirt can be worn if desired by the client. You may also choose to have us communicate key messages as we interact with consumers. Additional brand ambassadors can be made available for your event staff and promotional needs.

Wait we have more to offer!Our Product Range

Your event is unique. That’s why we have a range of products to tailor to your needs.

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