The event game has changed.

For almost 10 years now, we have had the privilege of creating shareable moments for thousands of brands and agencies around Canada. 2020 has challenged us to evolve, but we've quickly adapted to the new COVID reality and are now applying our knowledge to virtual engagement solutions.

Because brand engagement must exist in a virtual event world, our goal is to generate the same hype and virality from in-person experiences through unique, never-before-seen virtual experiences.

Virtual Booth


Our Virtual Booth gives your guests the power to create user generate content like a real photo booth, except it’s operated from consumers’ own devices. They simply need to click a link or scan a QR code to start the magic.

Virtual Quiz


Engage your prospects with quizzes around your product and let them win e-coupon or your product sent to their home.

Mosaic Experience


Create a state of the art mosaic and let the world participate on it. You can display the Digital Mosaic on any screen and even personalize goodies and send it to them

Custom Game

Virtual Game

What’s more powerful than games to get the attention of your prospects to engage with your brand? From custom Scratch to Win to trivia game, we can do it all

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