We know you’ve got some choices and we truly do appreciate you considering us for your next event. That’s why we’ve carefully prepared this guide in order to help you better understand the quality behind our product to make sure you’re not left disappointed if you solely base your decision on pricing.
An important factor that shouldn’t be ignored is quality of the service offering because you ultimately get what you pay for. At Memories2Go we offer a high quality service with what we believe to be the best value. Event planners and brands hire us to create fun, memorable, and engaging photo experience for their guests.

Memories2Go was the first company in New Brunswick to introduce the photo booth concept right here in Moncton. Since then, we’ve grown into the largest service provider in the Atlantic region. With over 9 years experience under our belt and over thousands successful events, you can count on our experience and expertise to make your next event’s photo experience an awesome one. We no longer identify ourselves as a photo booth company, but rather an Experiential marketing agency. Why? Because we go far beyond providing a photo booth.

Our Capabilities

We don’t simply bring fun to an event, but truly an ultimate experience. We offer a professional service with a perfected photo/video experience to increase social impression, generate leads, and create souvenirs that are aligned with the quality and reputation of your brand and corporate identity.

High Quality Outputs

Multiples test are completed to ensure that the outputs are clear because no one wants blurry, dark or overexposed pictures. Quick adjustments are also done by staff members throughout the event as lighting in the surroundings change. We believe guests should go home with an image that they love.

Branding and Customization

We know that your brand is everything to you. It’s the result of your hard work, your dedication, and what sets you apart from everyone. From a fully branded photo or video activation to branded kiosk wraps with custom printed backdrops, we offer a wide range of customization options to create the perfect solution for your brand. Our options also go digital to help spread the love for your brand in the online world.

Modern Equipments

Our equipments are beautifully engineered to look aesthetically pleasing, giving them a professional and modern look. On the inside, they use high quality gadgets and equipment to keep things running smoothly.

Our Safety 

This is extremely important to us and always top of mind when setting up. From ensuring electrical cords are effectively tapped down and secured, to using fire retardant materials, we’re cautiously prepared and mindful to avoid any potential security hazards. We even go as far as disinfecting and sanitizing props to avoid any health related concerns.

We Keep It Classy 

When we’re at your event, you can rest assure that we won’t be promoting our services. That’s not what we were hired to do. We don’t advertise on a large banner and our company name and contact information is not highly visible around our setup. While some people may recognize the Memories2Go setup, we don’t make our brand highly visible unless it’s part of a sponsorship agreement. We provide our services as part of an integrated offering of the overall experience of the event.

Staffing Solutions

Our team members provide friendly and courteous service, because customer service is a big part of delivering a positive and pleasant photo experience. We’ve designed a process that members abide by to make sure the service offering is consistent and up to our established standards.
We dress to the client’s desired attire, whether it be formal, business casual, or as specifically required by the client. Outdoor event or concert? We’ll still enforce a dress code to make sure guests are provided a professional service. Special requests can also be accommodated.

Sharing stations

Multiples test are completed to ensure that the outputs are clear because no one wants blurry, dark or overexposed pictures. Quick adjustments are also done by staff members throughout the event as lighting in the surroundings change. We believe guests should go home with an image that they love.

Backup Equipments

This is something critically important that any professional service provider should be well prepared for because technology isn’t always perfect as we’d like it to be. Cameras do break and cables do give out after their life cycle. In reality, long tenuous hours of usage in warm environments can cause equipment and technology components to overheat and malfunction. Although our technology are equipped with cooling equipment, reality is, it can still happen and it’s unpredictable. When we service an event, we’re fully prepared with backup equipment and parts for every component, from the printer to the computer’s hard drive. As a last case resort, another unit can often be brought in quickly to make sure the service interruption is minimal.

Internet Connection

Wi-Fi and Internet connection is often a big issue at larger venues and big events. This can lead to photos not being able to be shared or uploaded directly from the event. We use a dedicated Internet hotspot on different frequencies than those commonly used by mobile devices. What does this mean exactly? Well for one, we’re absolute techies and that’s a good thing for our clients. However, the end result is uninterrupted and fast sharing to email and social media.

Insurance Coverage

As humans, we’re rarely inclined to think of the absolute worst-case scenario. But in reality, anything can happen in the events industry. Good service providers should always be fully insured. That’s why we’ve got liability insurance for coverage of up to $1,000,000 for our mutual protection. An insurance certificate can be provided upon request.

Beautiful Template Designs

Our templates are completely customized to fit your brand and corporate identity. Templates can also be adjusted to fit the event theme and graphic artwork already designed for the particular event. The designs are completed by our professional graphic designers and pre-approved by the client before usage. Alternatively we may also allow the client to use the organization’s in-house graphic designer by providing you with a specifications sheet.

Concept Development and Visualisation

From Digital Design & Development to Creative Direction, our team helps implement innovative designs & campaigns from start to finish. It’s not just about the visual, it’s about our your make your audience feel. We provide strategic consulting and creative ideas that translate into memorable experiences for your target audience . We like to think outside the box and be different in our way of doing things.


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