About the Project

About the Project
In collaboration with Mistral Agency, our mandate was to promote the special year-end variety show “Le Grand Ménage des Fêtes”, hosted by the team from “Les Newbies”. This program offered a humorous retrospective of the year’s significant events. This year’s photoshoot was uniquely set in a laundromat, sparking the creative idea for our event activation.

The Challenge
Our challenge was to devise an activation that not only resonated with the spirit of the show but also engaged the audience in a fun and meaningful way. The concept needed to encourage active participation from guests and convey a strong social message.

The Solution
Drawing inspiration from the laundromat photoshoot, we recreated a laundromat setting for the event. This immersive setup allowed guests to take photos, GIFs, and boomerangs in an original environment that reflected the show’s theme. Additionally, we introduced a charitable component: guests were encouraged to “clean out” their wardrobes and donate clothes they no longer wanted. For this purpose, two specially designed washing machines were installed for clothing collection.

The Results
The activation was a resounding success. It not only created a fun and engaging experience for participants but also had a positive social impact. In total, over 108 cubic feet of clothing was collected and donated to Maison Nazareth, a local charity organization. This initiative not only boosted the show’s brand image but also contributed to an important social cause.

The “Le Grand Ménage des Fêtes” activation in collaboration with Mistral Agency demonstrated that a creative and socially responsible approach can enhance a media experience. By combining humor with social engagement, this activation not only promoted the show but also made a positive impact on the community, showcasing the effectiveness of an integrated and conscientious marketing approach.

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